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Open Records Request

Lee County District Attorney's Office

Lee County District Attorney, Jessica Ventiere, believes that our office should be open, honest, and transparent. Additionally, she is committed to fulfilling her legal obligation to protect individual privacy, public safety, the integrity of the case, and the public interest by preventing disclosure of nonpublic information. Therefore, this office has established a procedure to best comply with open records requests.

Once our office receives a request for records, we conduct a preliminary review and search for the documents requested. After the documents are identified, personnel from our office will review the content of those records to determine if it is lawful to disclose. Our office will then send you a letter informing you what, if any, costs are associated with your request. Once payment is made, if necessary, our office will retrieve, copy and redact the requested records and mail them to you.

Additionally, if your request is for filings, orders, or dispositions available on Alacourt, you will need to contact the Lee County Circuit Clerk’s office. If you have any questions concerning the open records process, please contact our office.

Under Alabama law there are several exceptions to the Open Records Act. Those exceptions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Juvenile Records
  • Information Concerning Children
  • Youthful Offender Records
  • Grand Jury Records
  • Hospital Patient Records
  • Parole and Probation Reports
  • Criminal History Information
  • Identifying Information (ex. SSN’s or Driver License Numbers)
  • Unexecuted Arrest Warrants
  • Expunged Records
  • Work Notes
  • Law Enforcement Investigative Reports and Related Investigative Material- Including Dash Camera and Body Camera Video
  • Information in Open Cases
  • Documents Requested by Out of State Citizens
  • Documents Not Requested for a “Legitimate Purpose”

Open Records Request Instructions

The following procedure has been established for requesting open (public) records:

  1. Please complete and sign the Open Records Request Form.
    a. You may attach additional pages if necessary.
    b. Please type or write legibly, in blue or black ink.
    c. You must sign your request.
  2. You may mail your request form to:
    Lee County District Attorney’s Office
    Attn: Records Division
    2311 Gateway Drive
    Opelika, AL 36801

*Once your request has been received, you will receive a confirmation letter along with payment instructions. Additionally, you will be informed of any deficiencies in your request.