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Lee County District Attorney's Office

The primary role of the Lee County District Attorney’s Office is to seek justice for the public through prosecution of criminal cases that occur within the jurisdiction of Lee County. Prosecution is primarily broken into three divisions:

  • District Court (presentation of misdemeanor and traffic offenses)
  • Circuit Court (presentation of all felony offenses)
  • Juvenile Court (presentation of all misdemeanors, felonies, or violations involving defendants under the age of 19)
  • Child Support Court

Prosecutors receive cases as they are presented to this office from law enforcement. Prosecutors then begin the process of working a case, reaching out to survivors and witnesses, and follow the case through various court settings until its conclusion, including presenting the case at trial.

At trial prosecutors lay out the evidence collected in cases, question witnesses, make opening and closing presentations, and legal arguments in order to seek justice for the citizens of Lee County.

If you have questions about how a case is prosecuted or certain terms commonly used, please review the below resources:

How a felony case is prosecutedHow a Juvenile case is prosecutedCommon Legal Terms

District Attorney

Jessica Ventiere

Circuit Court

Clay Thomas

Chief Assistant District Attorney
Cathey Berardi

Senior Trial Assistant District Attorney
Madison Grantham

Assistant District Attorney
Jeremy Duerr

Assistant District Attorney

District Court

Marsá Aston

Assistant District Attorney

Juvenile Court

Courtney Davis

Assistant District Attorney

Child Support

Margaret Mayfield

Assistant District Attorney