Lee County District Attorney's Office


The District Attorney’s Office, along with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, have teamed up to bring VINELink to Lee County.  VINELink (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) is an app available through iTunes App Store and Google play, which provides “near real-time” updates on the status of offenders in the Lee County Jail and other Alabama Detention Facilities.

Victims and other concerned citizens may use this free service to anonymously stay informed on the custody and release status of offenders.  For more information, visit or download the VINELink app to your mobile device.

SCAM Alerts

Scammers claim to be law enforcement officers or court personnel.
Official Jury summonses are always are always delivered by U.S. Mail to your home or P.O. Box.
Scams can be phone calls OR emails from email addresses that appear valid.
Phone numbers can be manipulated to appear as a local number or display any agency or business.
Court Officials and Law enforcement will never make phone calls to threaten arrest for failing to appear for jury service.
DO NOT provide personal or credit card info.
Gift cards will NEVER be an acceptable method of payment for any court fees.

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